Angola – Cameroun : avantage aux Lions Indomptables de Baleba

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11 juin 2024
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# Angola vs Cameroon: Advantage to the Indomitable Lions of Baleba

In these turbulent times, where various factors seem to tip the scales towards a defeat for Cameroon, the Angola vs Cameroon match promises to be a tough contest for the Indomitable Lions. Many members of the on-field staff should not be on Marc Brys' bench as per the directives from FECAFOOT. FECAFOOT continues to insist on having its appointees take their places alongside Marc Brys.

Despite the Belgian coach's influential role in bringing the talented Carlos Baleba into the Indomitable Lions, Samuel Eto'o's image projects a mixed signal for Cameroon. All departments within FECAFOOT echo these directives from Samuel Eto'o. Even the official team photographer aims to publish only images of non-ex-banned players and the staff appearing to maintain a good demeanor.

The Palancas Negras have never been an easy prey for Cameroon's Indomitable Lions. Out of their historical encounters, matches often ended in draws. Angola won one match in 2001 during the 2002 World Cup qualifiers. The most recent match between the two nations took place in August 2009.

This Tuesday, Carlos Baleba will celebrate his second selection with the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, where he is expected to start.

The Angola vs Cameroon encounters have unfolded as follows:

### Historical Match Results

– **21 August 1981, Luanda, Angola**
– Angola 0-0 Cameroon (Friendly Match)

– **30 April 1987, Brazzaville, Congo**
– Cameroon 2-0 Angola (Friendly Match)

– **8 January 1989, Yaoundé, Cameroon**
– Cameroon 1-1 Angola (1990 World Cup Qualifiers)

– **25 June 1989, Luanda, Angola**
– Angola 1-2 Cameroon (1990 World Cup Qualifiers)

– **24 January 1996, Durban, South Africa**
– Angola 3-3 Cameroon (African Cup of Nations 1996)

– **12 January 1997, Yaoundé, Cameroon**
– Cameroon 0-0 Angola (1998 World Cup Qualifiers)

– **8 June 1997, Luanda, Angola**
– Angola 1-1 Cameroon (1998 World Cup Qualifiers)

– **28 January 1998, Garoua, Cameroon**
– Cameroon 1-0 Angola (Friendly Match)

– **9 July 2000, Yaoundé, Cameroon**
– Cameroon 3-0 Angola (2002 World Cup Qualifiers)

– **6 May 2001, Luanda, Angola**
– Angola 2-0 Cameroon (2002 World Cup Qualifiers)

– **21 January 2006, Cairo, Egypt**
– Cameroon 3-1 Angola (African Cup of Nations 2006)

– **14 October 2009, Olhão, Portugal**
– Cameroon 0-0 Angola (Friendly Match)

### FAQs

**Q: When was the last match between Angola and Cameroon played?**
A: The last match between Angola and Cameroon was played on 14 October 2009 in Olhão, Portugal, and it ended in a 0-0 draw.

**Q: How many times have Angola and Cameroon drawn in their encounters?**
A: Angola and Cameroon have drawn six times in their historical encounters.

**Q: Who will be making his second selection for Cameroon in the upcoming match?**
A: Carlos Baleba will be celebrating his second selection with the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon.

**Q: Has Angola ever defeated Cameroon?**
A: Yes, Angola defeated Cameroon once during the first-leg of the 2002 World Cup qualifiers in 2001.

### Conclusion

As the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon face off against the Palancas Negras, history and talent such as that of Carlos Baleba appear to give Cameroon a slight edge. Despite internal turmoil and staffing challenges, the Indomitable Lions are expected to put up a strong fight. Football fans will be eagerly watching to see if Cameroon can maintain their historical upper hand or if Angola will surprise with a victory.

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