Barrages Ouest : Stade de Bandjoun prend une bonne option face à New Style

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17 juin 2024
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# Barrages Ouest: Stade de Bandjoun Takes a Strong Step Forward Against New Style

Stade FC de Bandjoun has advanced to the semi-finals of the playoffs in the West region after defeating New Style de Bameka. The match was held at Bamendzi Stadium as part of the quarter-finals of the playoffs.

Under the leadership of Rodrigue Moroco Fodop, the team started strong. Despite New Style's resistance, it wasn't until the 68th minute that Fabrice Mougnol Ngomo managed to score via penalty, leading to a 1-0 victory. The team, managed by David Kengne, was able to maintain this score until the final whistle.

This victory positions Stade FC de Bandjoun as one of the top contenders for the championship title. Last season, the team from Koung-Khi excelled in the Cameroon Cup, reaching the finals before losing to Volcan du Noun. Rodrigue Moroco Fodop, who previously coached Aigle de la Menoua and Unisport du Haut-Nkam, aims to make history with Stade FC de Bandjoun. The team is now the second to qualify for the semi-finals, following Sable FC de Batié.

## FAQ

### Who scored the winning goal for Stade FC de Bandjoun against New Style de Bameka?
Fabrice Mougnol Ngomo scored the winning goal via a penalty in the 68th minute.

### Who is the current coach of Stade FC de Bandjoun?
Rodrigue Moroco Fodop, who has a history of coaching Aigle de la Menoua and Unisport du Haut-Nkam, is the current coach.

### How did Stade FC de Bandjoun perform last season?
Stade FC de Bandjoun made a significant impact last season by reaching the finals of the playoffs in the Cameroon Cup, eventually losing to Volcan du Noun.

### Which teams have qualified for the semi-finals so far?
Stade FC de Bandjoun and Sable FC de Batié have qualified for the semi-finals.

### Where was the quarter-final match held?
The quarter-final match was held at Bamendzi Stadium.

## Conclusion

Stade FC de Bandjoun's victory over New Style de Bameka has solidified their status as a leading team in the region. With their eyes set on the championship, the team continues to build on their impressive performances from past seasons. Fans eagerly anticipate their next match in the semi-finals, where they hope to continue their winning streak and ultimately secure the title.

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