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11 juin 2024
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Mintack FC Strikes Big in 2024 Coupe du Cameroun Quarter-Finals

Mintack FC, the underdog of the Centre Regional League, delivered an unexpected blow to As Fortuna de Mfou in the 2024 Coupe du Cameroun quarter-finals. Playing at Fécafoot's technical center in Odza, the club from Haute Sanaga triumphed with a 1-0 victory yesterday.

The win was far from anticipated, considering the technical superiority of As Fortuna, led by President Roger Noah. However, the unpredictability of cup football played in Mintack FC's favor, halting As Fortuna's journey at the quarter-final stage. Attention for the Elite One club will now shift to the upcoming sports season.

This remarkable achievement brings Mintack FC within 90 minutes of a historic final appearance. The blue-and-yellows now bear the flag for the entire Centre region in the tournament's last four.

### FAQ

**Q: Where did Mintack FC's victory take place?**
A: Mintack FC defeated As Fortuna at the Fécafoot technical center in Odza.

**Q: What was the score in the match between Mintack FC and As Fortuna?**
A: Mintack FC won the match with a score of 1-0.

**Q: How significant is this win for Mintack FC?**
A: This victory propels Mintack FC to the semi-finals and is a notable achievement as they represent amateur clubs at a high level in the Coupe du Cameroun.

**Q: What lies ahead for As Fortuna after their quarter-final exit?**
A: As Fortuna will focus on preparing for the next sports season within the Elite One league.

**Q: What stage of the competition is Mintack FC now in?**
A: Mintack FC has advanced to the semi-finals of the 2024 Coupe du Cameroun.

### Conclusion

Mintack FC's stunning victory over As Fortuna has turned heads in the 2024 Coupe du Cameroun quarter-finals. Their journey epitomizes the unpredictability and excitement of cup football, as they defy expectations and continue to represent amateur clubs with pride. With their eyes on a historic final appearance, Mintack FC's enchanting run adds a captivating chapter to this year's tournament narrative.

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