J.A Bell : « aujourd’hui, l’équipe joue de manière moderne »

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17 juin 2024
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# J.A Bell: “Today, the Team Plays in a Modern Way”

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have maintained their lead in Group D after the fourth matchday of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. Vincent Aboubakar and his teammates achieved a dominant performance against Cape Verde on the third matchday. However, on the fourth matchday, they were forced to share the points after a 1-1 draw. Despite the stalemate, fans agree that the team has regained its rhythm with commendable phases of play. Belgian coach Marc Brys seems to have found the winning formula, particularly improving their set pieces after refining tactics in practice sessions.

Former Indomitable Lions goalkeeper Joseph Antoine Bell expressed his satisfaction with a team that now plays with more freedom and coherence. Speaking on the show “La vérité en Face” on Equinoxe TV, the former Marseille player discussed the transformation of the team amid ongoing conflicts between the Ministry of Sports (Minsep) and the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot).

> “This team was playing blindly. They showed me that they had not learned anything. Today, we have a team on the field. I used to say that the team played in a primitive way; now, they play in a modern way. What pleases me is that the players have created an environment in which they are thriving. I was very happy when I visited them. They were very cheerful together. What happened outside the team helped them strengthen their bonds. Their gameplay showed that someone had told them what was expected of them.”
> — Joseph Antoine Bell, Former Indomitable Lions Goalkeeper

Bell praised Marc Brys for showing strong character by shielding his team from external distractions and tensions.

> “Marc Brys has shown a lot of character. Here in Cameroon, we are just getting to know him. I think he has understood his role well. Yes, there were upheavals around the team, but he absorbed those shocks and protected his group. However, this cannot last forever. We need to return to normality. We must not say that Cameroon succeeds amid disorder.”
> — Joseph Antoine Bell, Former Indomitable Lions Goalkeeper

## FAQs

**Q1: Who is the current coach of the Indomitable Lions?**

A1: The current coach of the Indomitable Lions is Belgian coach Marc Brys.

**Q2: How did the Indomitable Lions perform in their recent World Cup qualifiers?**

A2: The Indomitable Lions maintained their lead in Group D after dominating Cape Verde on the third matchday and drawing 1-1 on the fourth matchday.

**Q3: What has been the key to the team's improved performance?**

A3: The team has improved significantly under the guidance of Marc Brys, who has focused on refining their set pieces and overall gameplay, contributing to their modern playing style.

**Q4: How has the conflict between the Ministry of Sports and the Cameroon Football Federation affected the team?**

A4: Despite the ongoing conflicts, the team has managed to use the situation to strengthen their unity and solidarity, which has positively impacted their performance on the field.

**Q5: What is Joseph Antoine Bell's view on the current Indomitable Lions team?**

A5: Joseph Antoine Bell is very pleased with the team's progress and the modern style of play they have adopted under Marc Brys' leadership.

## Conclusion

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have showcased significant improvement in their recent performances, establishing themselves as a cohesive and modern playing unit. Under Marc Brys' guidance, the team has managed to navigate through external conflicts while focusing on refining their gameplay, particularly set pieces. The unity and camaraderie within the team have been pivotal in their journey. As expressed by Joseph Antoine Bell, the team's advancement is commendable, and there is hope for continued success as they aim for the 2026 World Cup.

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