Samuel Eto’o suspend Gilbert Kadji, « son créateur » du football

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16 juin 2024
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## Samuel Eto’o Suspends Gilbert Kadji, ‘His Football Creator'

Samuel Eto’o Fils likely would never have ascended to football stardom without the influence of Gilbert Kadji and the Kadji Sport Academy (KSA), co-founded with Eto’o's father. According to information from Stribet, before acquiring his first license, Eto’o, then known as Samuel Ndebi, assumed his current surname to align with his father's name, David Eto'o. KSA meticulously managed this identity change, which extended beyond just his name.

Eto’o and KSA shared more than a professional relationship; Gilbert Kadji supported him through several trials since his teenage years. In the late 1990s, Kadji aided Eto’o during his club search trips. By the early 2000s, as Eto’o entered the challenging world of the Indomitable Lions, Kadji was a constant source of support. Through the late 2000s and early 2010s, Kadji stood by Eto’o during his internal battles within the national team and his conflicts with Fécafoot, particularly the contentious struggle against Mohamed Iya. Kadji also facilitated Eto’o's acquaintance with his former lawyer, Me Happi, later chairman of the Normalization Committee, pivotal in handing Eto’o the keys to managing Cameroonian football.

Yet, the term of Senator Seidou Mbombo Njoya marked the divergence between Eto’o and Kadji. Eto’o felt that Njoya, whom he had supported, had grown independent from his influence. Eto’o sought to reclaim his prestige by running for the coveted Fécafoot presidency. Perceiving Kadji's attempt to dissuade him as a betrayal of friendship, Eto’o embarked on finding new financiers for his campaign, signaling a severe rift.

Upon winning the Fécafoot presidency, Eto’o harbored intentions to penalize those who doubted him. His initial audit of Fécafoot aimed at suspending Kadji and others, with the report going to both African and global football authorities.

In a press conference held Thursday in Douala, Gilbert Kadji explained the circumstances leading to his suspension:

> “The controversy or challenges began last year when attempts were made on the field to ensure KSA couldn't win its matches. Despite these difficulties, we succeeded. This year, we requested licenses to participate in the championship, noting that since its inception, KSA annually received at least 60 licenses. After applying for 54 licenses online via TMC, we received just 11 late, including 3 for goalkeepers. This meant fielding a team of only 9 players. Despite starting the championship in good faith, assuming it was an administrative issue soon to be resolved, we faced months-long delays. After sustaining injuries and being unable to field sufficient players, our matches were halted. We formally contacted the federation, but the situation persisted. Our letter dated 15-05-2024, received by the federation on 17-05-2024, outlined these grievances.”

– Gilbert Kadji, KSA President, during a press conference on March 13, 2024.

## FAQ

### Who is Gilbert Kadji?
Gilbert Kadji co-founded the Kadji Sport Academy (KSA) with Samuel Eto’o's father. He played an instrumental role in developing Eto’o's career from a young age.

### Why has Samuel Eto’o suspended Gilbert Kadji?
Eto’o suspended Kadji following an audit of Fécafoot, believing Kadji to have betrayed him by not supporting his bid for the Fécafoot presidency.

### What was the nature of the conflict between Eto’o and Kadji?
Kadji attempted to dissuade Eto’o from running for the Fécafoot presidency, causing a deep rift between them. Eto’o saw this as a betrayal, leading him to seek new financial backers for his campaign.

### What issues did KSA face that led to the suspension?
KSA encountered significant logistical challenges, including delayed and insufficient issuance of player licenses, resulting in an inability to field a complete team for matches. These administrative hurdles contributed to the suspension tension.

### What are the implications for KSA following the suspension?
The suspension could impact KSA's participation in future championships and its overall operation, given its reliance on timely and adequate support from Fécafoot.

## Conclusion

The suspension of Gilbert Kadji by Samuel Eto’o underscores a complex narrative of alliances, conflicts, and betrayals in Cameroonian football. While Eto’o's actions stem from a perceived betrayal, the broader implications for KSA and Cameroonian football highlight the intricate dynamics of trust and power within the sport. As the situation evolves, the impact on the players, teams, and supporters will be keenly observed, potentially reshaping the landscape of football in Cameroon.

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